When you imagine your wedding day, you can likely picture a rehearsal dinner surrounded by family and close friends before your official celebration kicks off. You might be able to imagine how it will feel to walk down the aisle, and may have ideas about the details you will see throughout your day. We have a feeling you’re also counting down until you can spin around your dance floor and have your wedding guests join in on the fun. 

Have you paused to consider what it would be like to have a wedding experience rather than a single day of celebration? 

We would love to welcome you, your love, and your guests for a destination wedding weekend at Lake Elsie Wedding Barn. Below, we’re sharing three fun and fast reasons why this might be something to consider!

More Time Together 

Whether our couples are from North Dakota or they’re visiting from Chicago, one thing everyone has in common is their desire to spend time with their family and friends. A wedding is an event that draws people together. They arrive ready to catch up with those they know, mingle with those they’ve just met, and combine everyone together on the dance floor. Weddings are filled with anticipation, and our view is why not make a weekend out of it? 

A destination wedding weekend means you and your wedding guests will travel to Lake Elsie for a complete wedding weekend. It means you will have plenty of time to spend intentionally with all of your guests, and it also means your guests will have more time to spend together and with you. By sharing multiple meals, celebrating your wedding, and even enjoying an activity (or many!), everyone will be able to further bond together. Plus, you’ll all leave feeling refreshed and excited about the experience you have just shared together. 

Simply put, there’s nothing like spending an extended amount of time with your favorite people. 

Stay with Us

While planning your wedding, there are plenty of details you will need to plan. And, we don’t want to add to your list. We want to make accommodations for your guests straightforward and easy, so stay with us!  

Lady on the Lake Bed & Breakfast: 

If you’re hoping to feel at home while you’re away from home, think about staying at Lady on the Lake Bed & Breakfast. Here, you can expect to enjoy spacious accommodations, delicious meals, and plenty of beautiful views, history, and charm. Our bed and breakfast has four rooms, so it’s perfect for wedding parties or parents to enjoy for the weekend. 

Hankinson Inn: 

Because we know your guests will also be looking for a place to stay during your destination wedding weekend, we wanted to highlight Hankinson Inn. We should point out that the name doesn’t quite describe Hankinson Motel fully because you will feel like you’re staying at an inn! Just like Lady on the Lake Bed & Breakfast, your guests can expect to enjoy beautiful views, spacious rooms, and plenty of charm at great rates. The best part? They’ll be close to Lake Elsie Wedding Barn and ready to celebrate!

Craft an Experience 

When couples choose to celebrate their wedding days at Lake Elsie Wedding Barn, many are hoping to create an experience for their wedding guests. That means enjoying quality time together over shared meals, relaxation, their wedding (of course), and even activities. The great thing about Lake Elsie is there’s plenty to do!

At Lady on the Lake Bed & Breakfast, you can enjoy fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, and lounging on the beach patio with our fireplace (a perfect location for conversation!). We’re also located near With the Wind Winery, which is wonderful for wine tastings. Plus, there are even more hiking and biking trails, thanks to the Sheyenne National Grasslands and The Hankinson Hills Trail. 

Does a destination wedding sound ideal to you and your love? Send us a note! We would love to hear from you and share more with you.